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  • Get hands on with how the heart works and rapidly grow your confidence.
  • Real-time feedback provides the best preparation for the real thing.
  • Covers all Cardiology curriculum for medical students from year 1 to 5 and post-graduate foundation years 1 and 2.
  • Practise in your own time, take tests and quizzes and master your exams.


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ECG Student
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For full-time medical, nurse, paramedic and allied health students
Structured tutorials on Cardiac Axis, Normal Rhythm and cardiac pathologies including Conduction Abnormalities, AV Blocks, Arrhythmias, WPW, Ischaemia, etc.
Pacing tutorials
Cardiac EP tutorials
ECG MCQ Test and Quiz
Control physiological parameters, such as: Heart Rate, Conduction Velocity, Refractory Period, etc.
Create blocks and accessory pathways
Administer drugs
Use a temporary pacemaker and defibrillator
While you see the live 12-lead ECG adapt to your changes
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