EPicardio Simulation™

Minimum required computer specification

  1. BulletWeb-browser

  2. BulletRecommended web browsers: Safari and Internet Explorer

  3. BulletPlease always use the latest available version of your preferred web browser

  4. BulletEnable your web browser for installation of 3rd party plugins

  5. BulletYour web browser will ask you to install the free Unity3D plugin, please follow the on-screen instructions

  1. BulletWeb-browser or standalone app

  2. BulletBroadband internet connection

  3. BulletEnable your system firewall to allow incoming and outgoing connections

  4. BulletOperating systems: MacOSX 10.4+, Microsoft® Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7+

  5. BulletGraphics Environment: OpenGL 2+ for Mac, DirectX 9+ for Windows

  6. BulletProcessor speed: 2.0GHz +

  7. BulletMemory: 2GB +

  1. If you require technical assistance please contact: support@epicardio.com