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Education technology partnership between SCHILLER AG and EPICARDIO ECG simulation-based e-training to be available to every hospital / medical school

SCHILLER has teamed up with med-sim specialists EPICARDIO to offer
a market-leading simulation-based ECG e-training program to its customers

Please read more here: Schiller-Epicardio Press Release

  Epicardio Simulation™ was customised for e-training on St. Jude Medical™ MultiPoint™ Pacing. Epicardio is now used at SJM™ Advanced Technology Centers and Training Villages at trade-shows worldwide.

  Epicardio Simulation™ was customised according to the ECG curriculum at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, Medical Sciences Division of the University of Oxford.

  Epicardio Simulation™ is currently used at Barts Heart Centre at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. Our new Cardiac EP product is currently being customised according to the EP curriculum at Barts.


Product Validation Study

An independent validation study compared one hour of using Epicardio Simulation™ with attending a one hour lecture on ECG
“There were no differences in mean ECG interpretation test scores immediately after or 3 months after teaching in the lecture or (the Epicardio) simulator groups.”

Demonstrated that an equivalent amount of retained learning took place
“this (Epicardio) technology may be a viable alternative method.”

This is without even addressing the benefits of continued reference and repetition which Epicardio offers and a lecture can’t

The participants in this study gave favourable reviews of the Epicardio simulator
“Furthermore, the computer program (Epicardio) assessed in this study was reviewed favourably by the participants who used it.”

Study publication
Fent G, Gosai J, Purva M. A randomized control trial comparing use of a novel electrocardiogram simulator with traditional teaching in the acquisition of electrocardiogram interpretation skill. Journal of Electrocardiology, Volume 49, Issue 2, 112-116.