Technical Requirements

“Intelligent Heart Sim – AFib” by Epicardio Simulation™ is now available on iOS App Store.

You may access the Epicardio Simulation™ app on MacOS (10.4+) or Windows (7+) systems on desktop and laptop computers.

You may access the app directly from any WebGL enabled browser: Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc. No plug-in installation is required. Please always use the latest available version of your preferred web browser.

Or, for better performance and full product features, you may download the standalone app for MacOS or Windows.

Functioning broadband internet connection is required at all times.

You will experience better performance with at least 2GHz processor speed and 2Gb of memory.

Graphics Environment: OpenGL2+ for MacOS, DirectX9+ for Windows.

If you require technical assistance please contact: